Continental tires stand for excellent transmission of forces, exceptionally reliable tracking in all weather conditions and high cost effectiveness. We offer the right tires for every application – from passenger cars through trucks, buses and construction site vehicles to industrial vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles. The division produces tires under the brand names of Continental, Uniroyal (except in NAFTA< Colombia and Peru), Semperit, General Tire, Viking, Gislaved, Euzkadi, Sime Tyres, Barum, Mabor and Matador. To supplement Continental’s new tire range, we have included a hot-retreaded and cold-retreaded line of truck tires under the ContiRe and ContiTread brands.
The division has 69 locations in 39 countries. In 2012 its approximately 42,500 employees generated sales of €9.7 billion. The division is divided in to six business units:

  • Passenger and Light Truck Tire Original Equipment
  • Replacement Business EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • Replacement Business The Americas (North, Centeral and South America)
  • Replacement Business APAC (Asia and Pacific region)
  • Commercial Vehicle Tires
  • Two-Wheel Tires